Purdue/16 July 2008

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iGEM Team Meeting

Members Present

  • Craig Barcus
  • Janie Stine
  • Jessamine Osborne
  • Dr. Clase
  • Dr. Tao


  • mCherry stabs grew up well, but concerned because they aren't red, as constitutively-producing RFP bacteria should be
    • Look up to see if they need something to make it red or otherwise
  • Heard from Dr. Rickus that BioCrossroads may be giving us funding
    • Revised and sent out letter with profile page
  • Dr. Tao gave us a list of possible funding contacts for Lilly, Amgen, Merck, and Promega
  • Because of funding, assembly plans are on hiatus
    • Talked to Dr. Clase about possible PCR methods
    • Found a couple of articles about PCR cloning to read

Edited by Janie Stine