Purdue/17 June 2008

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  • First trial of nebulized Sol-Gel
    • Coated bottom of petri dish w/ media (alpha-MEM)
    • Sprayed for 45s
    • Added 4 mL media and 1 mL LB afterwards
  • Wait to see if the cells grow
  • Got visual confirmation via microscope
    • GFP E. coli are alive
    • Sol-Gel is flaking off
  • Next time attempt with bottom layer of gelatin so Sol-Gel doesn't flake/leak/etc.

Side note: We were mistaken about the sam8 gene--it is the LacZ gene that encodes Beta-gal which cleaves X-gal to make a blue color. The sam8 is irrelevant. LacZ can be found as part I732005, and is available in the 2008 shipment of DNA.

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