Purdue/18 June 2008

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Lab Meeting

In attendance:

Craig Barcus
Janie Stine
Jessamine Osborne
David Jaroch
Dr. Rickus
Dr. Clase


  1. Commercial concerns
    1. Encapsulate in something so could withstand pool chlorination? (e.g. Reverse Osmosis Filter)
  2. Acquiring DNA/starting labwork
    1. Need to check to make sure promoters do not need any other parts to start transcription of the genes (Jess)
    2. Talk to the registry about gettting the lycopene gene (Part I742120/I742136)
    3. Make/order phr promoter (check prices or synthesize via PCR)
    4. Talk to Dr. Sanca about any DNA he has...
    1. Check promoters
    2. Figure out how to get lycopene and/or phr promoter DNA
    3. Talk to Dr. Sanca about K-12's natural promoters (either of ours taken out?) and/or see if he has anything he'd like to donate
    4. Check about ordering synthesized genes
    5. Start labwork!!!!! (Monday with Dr. Clase)
      1. Get competent cells (or make them)
      2. Transform with LacZ and/or SOS promoter
      3. Make glycerol stocks?
      4. Start attempting to make part: SOS + beta-gal

Information about parts to be transformed:

  • LacZ: Part I732005, Well 6F, plate 1018, plasmid pSB1AK3 (Kan/Amp resistant)
  • SOS promoter: Part J22106, Well 12F, plate 1003, plasmid pSB1A2 (AmpR)

Edited by Janie Stine