Purdue/1 July 2008

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Transformation: Take 3

  • Using 2 spots of filter paper to try to get more DNA
  • Using 16uL of TE instead of 10 (because the filter paper absorbs so much)
  • After spinning it down at 15000xg for 3 min., we're letting it sit out overnight to try to get more DNA
  • Tomorrow, we'll test how much DNA we have with a NanoDrop (more accurate and easy to use than the UV-Vis machine from earlier)
  • We'll also test the transformation efficiency with the Invitrogen kit that comes with the cells (pUC17 stuff)
  • Try to transform 2 parts:
    • J09855 from 2008: it's from a DH5a strain, QC is great, and is on pSB1A2 plasmid
    • Part from last year to compare filter paper w/ non-paper: J13003--it's a long part (like LacZ), on pSB1A2, and QC is great

Edited by Janie Stine