Purdue/4 June 2008

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Milk pH test

Time 10:30 AM

Sample 1: 6.35

Sample 2: 6.35

Sample 3: 6.31

Data analyzed via mathcad. Cubic spline fit to the data for modeling purposes. Extremely apparent that not enough data points were collected. Next test will run every two hours, starting at 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM of Jun-5. At 8:30 AM of Jun-6, every hour will be collected until 4:30 PM Jun-6. This should give adequate data for modeling purposes.

I do not know at this time how to added external files to the page, and will load the graphs of the models when I come across this information.

Test Ended.

Milk pH 1.jpg

Milk pH 2 1.jpg

Milk pH 3 1.jpg

Edited Above by Craig Barcus