Hey guys! We haven't talked much yet, so I wanted to start us off with a list of things I hope we can do this week (Canada day week):

-Meet on Monday without Dave

-Start growing corn and Arabidopsis for GFP endophyte assays

-get team photo and member photos plus write ups for members going/done

-Get appropriate GFP labelled plasmids, E. coli nissler, and two strains of lactobacilli ready for transformation

-Find and transform the basic biobrick found here into chemically competent E. coli

-Do PCR reactions with Phusion enzyme to amplify up psbA prometer, GFPuv, and teosinte branching 1 (tb1) fragment

 -directly cut and ligate these PCR products into the above plasmid 

Talk amonst yourselves and talk to you more about it on Wednesday. Wahed hob!