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NINTzwilt.jpg Zach Wiltshire NINT Emera3.jpg Emera Nguyen
BSc Cell Biology - 3rd year BSc Biological Sciences/Economics - 3rd year
Background & Interests: Interests include both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cellular anatomy & physiology. The project has also piqued my interest in bionanotechnolgy and a variety of types of RNA. Background & Interests: The first time I heard the term "genetic engineering," it piqued my curiosity. Now I think synthetic biology is absolutely fascinating because of all the revolutionary things it could mean for the future. I have had a blast in my iGEM experiences and am excited at having been exposed to such a cutting edge research field.
Sdeane.jpg Shannon Deane AB NINT jrodw.jpg James Rodway
BSc Biological Sciences - 4th year BSc Electrical Engineering - 4th year
Background & Interests: Biological sciences major and biochemistry minor. This is my first exposure to "synthetic biology" and I find it amazing how much potential the field has. Background & Interests: Computational modeling of RNA structure, air quality modeling, computational intelligence, hats and goggles
Jdami.jpg Jessica D'Amico NINTjbols.jpg Jeremiah Bolstad
MSc Biomedical Engineering - 1st year BSc in Biological/Physical Sciences - 4 1/2th year
Background & Interests: BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Alberta Background & Interests: I am interested in many things... cryptozoology, mismatched socks, radishes (but not horseradishes), orangutans, riding trains in Asia, Lepidoptera, Linophryne arborifera, whewellite and, of course, bending spacetime with my mind.
[[Image:|200 px]] - NINTqli.jpg Qiwei Li
BSc Biochemistry - 2nd Year
Background & Interests: My goal for the next 4 years are to finish my BSc honors degree in Biochemistry, while maintaining my own business. Joining the iGEM team is truly a highlight of academic career, and it has been an amazing experience to work at the forefront of science.
NINT jrobi.jpg Jason Robinson-Anagor Rvand.jpg Remko van den Hurk
BSc Biological Sciences MSc Electrical and Computer Engineering - 2nd year
Background & Interests: My career ambition is to become a neurosurgeon.I was motivated to join iGEM because of its radical approach to research and design. Most surgeons complete a 2 year masters during their residency. Having learned the basics of synthetic biology, and potential treatments and medical applications, I know that this is one area of research I would like to pursue in the future. Background & Interests: BSc Engineering Physics, BSc Biochemistry from University of Saskatchewan, interests include nanobiotechnology(biosensors, nanobiomotors, cell mimetic systems), new developments in spaceflight and the space industry
NINT nglas.jpg Nick Glass Wmate.jpg Dr. Wayne Materi
MSc Electrical and Computer Engineering - 2nd year Assistant Research Officer at the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT)
Background & Interests: BSc Mechanical Engineering from University of Alberta, interests include nanobiotechnology (biosensors, bioMEMS, drug delievery, tissue engineering, biomaterials) and nanotechnology for energy applications Background & Interests: BSc Computing Science Simon Frasier University, PhD Molecular Biology and Genetics University of Alberta, interests include neural development of nematode C. elegans and Synthetic Biology(design and construction of novel genetically modified bacteria to perform useful manufacturing and medical functions)