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The Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences (BCCS) is a new highly interdisciplinary centre for training and research funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC). It is a major collaboration across 4 faculties within the University of Bristol.

Both the BCCS and iGEM share an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and a culture of communication between previously disparate scientific fields. Furthermore, the BCCS aims to nurture the next generation of scientists in complexity, fitting with iGEM's ethos of introducing undergraduates to cutting edge science. This year the team is made up of advisors and students from the BCCS, Engineering Mathematics, Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry.

By taking part in iGEM the BCCS and Bristol University hopes to:

  • Build links between departments and people within and outside the university,
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of such collaborations,
  • Attempt to apply, where appropriate, techniques from the field of Complexity Science.


We would like to thank the following people, companies and organisations for providing help and resources to the BCCS Bristol iGEM 2008 team:

BCCS-Ack AlumniFoundation.jpg
Bristol University Alumni Foundation - Funding student expenses during the project and travel to and from the jamboree.

BCCS-Ack MicroSphereTech.jpg
Microsphere Technology Ltd. - Provided a range of hollow glass microspheres in differing sizes, from 10 to 100 microns, and coated in various metals including gold, iron and copper.

BCCS-Ack ThermoFisher.gif
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Provided a sample of standard and fluorescent polystyrene microspheres in sizes from 10 to 50 microns.

BCCS-Ack EcoliStockCentre.jpg
Yale Coli Genetic Stock Center - Provided a sample of the E. coli MC1000 strain required for motility tests during preliminary trials.