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About CPU

  • Welcome to the wiki for CPU (China Pharmaceutical University) iGEM 2008 team.
  • CPU (China Pharmaceutical University), originally the National Pharmaceutical School founded in 1936, is one of the “211 project” key universities affiliated with Ministry of Education. CPU was China’s first independent school of pharmacy and one of the biggest multi-specialty university of pharmacy with the complete pharmaceutical subjects in China. It is located in Nanjing, the ancient capital city for six dynasties in China and is composed of three campuses including Xuanwu campus, Yanziji campus and Zhenjiang campus. The new campus, Jiangning, which is under construction, covers an area of 2439 mu(1mu=667 square meters). Its overall construction area is 670,000square meters. It will become a garden-like modern campus with agreeable surroundings and complete facilities, overflowed with vigor.
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Project Ddescription

  • Adding new notes to the song of life
    • The word protein comes from the Greek word πρώτα ("prota"), meaning "of primary importance." They are the chief actors within the cell, said to be carrying out the duties specified by the information encoded in genes. If we regard life as a beautiful song, proteins, of course, are the most important strains of this song. More...
  • Customizing a biomacromolecule
    • In glycobiology, wide ranges of molecular weight of polysaccharide often lead to obstacles to study their structure and function. More over, polysaccharide would present various function with different molecular weight. How to obtain polysaccharide with the certain molecular weight is an unsolved problem. More...