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Medal Relevant Issues

Bronze Relevant

Register the team, have a great summer, and have fun attending the Jamboree

All registration tasks were done, as can be seen here and we hope to have fun at Jamboree.

Successfully complete and submit a Project Summary form

You can see our submitted Abstract here

Create and share a Description of the team's project via the iGEM wiki

The general project description can be found on this page of the wiki.

Present a Poster and Talk at the iGEM Jamboree
Enter information detailing at least one new standard BioBrick Part or Device in the Registry of Parts

We have deposited information detailing over 40 novel BioBricks in the registry. Among them T4 Ligase, SceI, LacI IS repressor mutants, RMF are new to the registry.

Submit DNA for at least one new BioBrick Part or Device to the Registry of Parts

Shipped via DHL on the 29th of October. Tracking Number: 4531864046

Silver Relevant

Demonstrate that at least one new BioBrick Part or Device of your own design and construction works as expected
LacI IS mutants

Based on atomic structures of LacI and evidence from genetic studies we have constructed a set of eight mutants of LacI, which are unresponsive to IPTG or lactose and are a useful component of genetic circuits or pulse generators. Qualitative genetic experiments were conducted to estimate the strength of repression exerted by the LacI IS mutants and the mutants were found to repress expression from lac-controlled promoters even at 10mM IPTG. We have provided the LacI IS mutants by themselves (BioBricks K142000 through K142007) and with RBS and terminator (BioBricks K142008 through K142015) for straigthforward integration into genetic circuits.

Ribosome Modulation Factor (RMF)

We have introduced RMF as a new BioBrick (BBa_K142040 and K142041). Based on extensive literature search as well as our own biophysical experiments we concluded that RMF would among other uses be helpful as "pause switch", since it terminates protein expression rapidly and reversibly without killing the cell.

Characterize the operation of at least one new BioBrick Part or Device and enter this information on the Parts or Device page via the Registry of Parts

The LacI IS mutants and the devices constructed from them have been documented in the registry.

Gold Relevant

Analysis, modeling, and simulation of BioBrick Parts or Devices

We propose a novel method of random gene deletion and chemostat-based selection of species with a reduced genome. For this we provide an algorithm described here.