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ETH Zurich 2008 iGEM Team

Here you can see the members of this years ETH iGEM Team:

Team ETH


Undergraduate Students

Julia.JPGJulia Slipantschuk
  • Studies: Interdisciplinary Sciences
  • Level: MSc
  • Notes: She likes to cut her fingers.
Sebastian.JPG Sebastian Giese
  • Studies: Biology, Biochemistry
  • Level: MSc
  • Notes: Super lab machine!
Nico.JPGNico Hensgens
  • Studies: Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Level: MSc
  • Notes: Likes to go for long walks with Reine.
Rebecca.JPGRebecca Herbst
  • Studies: Biology, Biochemistry
  • Level: Bsc
  • Notes: the Baby of the family.
Reine.JPGReine Byun
  • Studies: Systems Biology
  • Level: MSc
  • Notes: She is not a chemostat.
Georg.JPGGeorg Ofenbeck
  • Studies: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
  • Level: MSc
  • Notes: Beer. Yes, Beer.

Graduate Students

ETH Labwork5.jpgSven Lucas Dietz
  • Studies: Electrical Engineering
  • Level: PhD
  • Notes: Technology freak, also the Grandpa.
Luca.jpegLuca Gerosa
  • Studies: Systems Biology
  • Level: PhD
  • Notes: It is sure he's straight.
Julius.jpegJulius Rabl
  • Studies: Structural Biology
  • Level: PhD
  • Notes: a marriage and an iGEM the same year.. what a brave guy!


Svenpic.jpgSven Panke
Andypic.jpgAndreas Jörg Meyer
Stelling.jpegJörg Stelling