Team:ETH Zurich/Wetlab/Safety



Would any of your project ideas raise safety issues in terms of:

  • researcher safety,
  • public safety, or
  • environmental safety?
     The lab of Prof. Sven Panke is a biosafety 1 laboratory. We worked exclusively with E. coli and
     well-characterized agents not known to cause disease in healthy adult humans, and of minimal potential
     hazard to laboratory personnel and the environment. Using standard microbiological techniques, all 
     materials used for cell and/or bacteria cultures are decontaminated via autoclave.

Is there a local biosafety group, committee, or review board at your institution?

     ETHZ is part of a Federal Expert Commission for Biosafety FECB.
     At our institute, one of our supervisors (Andreas Meyer) is actually in charge of the biosafety rules.

What does your local biosafety group think about your project?

     Andreas Meyer thinks that our project is without any concern regarding biosafety.

Do any of the new BioBrick parts that you made this year raise any safety issues?

     Not that we would know of.