our group has tens of students, of whom are freshmen, sophermore, junior and senior. And we are in different majors, some of us are from the school of chemical engineering and technology, some of us are from School of architecture, and some of us are from School of electronic and information engineering. The various backgrounds of us are really helpful in our brain storm held every couple of days. In the brain storms, we show our ideas come to us randomly, we discuss the value and the availibilty of the ideas and comes with more new ideas. Here I’d like to present some of our ideas and to get some advices from you

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Inspiration: Just like Newton’s apple and Archimedes’s bathroom , we need inspiration too.

Gain: No pain, no gain. We suffer from endless searching and reasoning, and we stand up time and time again after numerous failure and hits.

Experiment: Hypothesis is hypothesis forever. Through experiment, we endow it with life.

Modeling: Like experiment, modeling is also an effective and rapid way to give us the answer, especially simulating result of extreme situation.

Teamwork: We maybe ordinary people if we work separately, but we are outstanding when we get together in 08 iGEM Team.

Jellyfish: The origin of green fluorescent protein, always known as GFP,which is the commonly used signal in detecting the gene expression.

Universal: Since science has no border, we communicate with researchers worldwide.
our TJU iGEM team
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our team members


  • Advisor 1: Chunting Zhang
  • Advisor 2: Yingjin Yuan
  • Advisor 3: Xueming Zhao


  • instructor 1: Kai Song
  • instructor 2: He Huang


  • Student 1: Jin Du
  • Student 2: Nan Hou
  • Student 3: Fang Yuan
  • Student 4: Weiran Zhang
  • Student 5: Duo Liu
  • Student 6: Lin Chen
  • Student 7: Meng Yang
  • Student 8: Ye Deng
  • Student 9: Chang XU