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Departmental Funding and Sponsorship

Dr. Gary Ostrander, Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Education


Dr. Peter Garrod, Graduate Division Dean

Fund raising and administrative advice

Dr. Andrew Hashimoto, Dean, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources


Dr. Gernot Presting, Assistant Professor, MBBE

Reagents, supplies, laboratory consumables, equipment and DNA sequencing costs
Expertise in computational biology, bioinformatics and DNA sequence analysis.
Lab space for the students from April to October 2008.

Dr. Sean Callahan, Associate Professor, Microbiology

Supplies, incubator space, and expertise on Cyanobacteria/bacterial genetics

Dr. Loren Gautz, Associate Professor, MBBE

Bioengineering expertise

Private Funding

Dr. Han Chow Wang


Dr. Dan Jenkins, Bachelors of Science in Bioengineering Program, Director


Norman Wang


Funding Total