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LCG-UNAM-Mexico Team

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The LCG-UNAM-Mexico team is made out of a group of 14 bizarre entities called students, 13 of them come from the Undergraduate program on Genomics (link on your right) at the city of Cuernavaca. Our last recruit, a student on Communication and Electronic Engineering, came a long way from Guadalajara in order to make our bacteria sing. We were advised by two lords of wisdom who emanate knowledge as they walk, thanks to their deep understanding of biological phenomena.

This is the first time that students like us join the other groups, from distant lands, that attempt to realize the most unconceivable and insane projects. We expect to find colleagues who share our insanity and passion for the emerging field of synthetic biology; people who has survived all the obstacles of scientific research and that is eager to come back the next year.

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Our Undergraduate Program
The Undergraduate Program in Genomic Sciences is located at the Center for Genomic Sciences, which coordinates it with the Institute of Biotechnology. It has the direct collaboration of other Research Institutes and Centers of the University (School of Medicine, Institute of Biomedical Research, Institute of Cellular Physiology, Institute of Mathematics and the Center of Physical Sciences).

About UNAM
With Centers all around the country, and its biggest campus on Mexico City, the UNAM is the largest public University in Mexico.

Cuernavaca is a municipality located near Mexico City. It is called the city of “Eternal Spring” because it has a warm and nice climate with rains from June to October. It is within the Morelos state and its population is about 780,000 people.