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Minnesota's 2008 iGEM Teams

The University of Minnesota is sending their first team to the iGEM competition this year. Our group is composed of two subgroups: Team Comparator and Team Timebomb, each of which is working on an individual project. Team Time Bomb is working to engineer a bacterial time bomb, based on which bacterial cells will 'commit suicide' after a predetermined number of divisions has been reached. Team Comparator is engineering a bacterial comparator, which is one element of a feedback controller. Team Comparator is also developing two computational tools: the SynBioSS Designer and the SynBioSS Wiki. SynBioSS stands for the Synthetic Biology Suite, which is freely available at . It is a suite of algorithms for automatically generating, storing and retrieving networks of reactions, which model BioBricks gene networks, and for simulating these reaction networks dynamically using multiscale algorithms. A manuscript was recently published in Bioinformatics, describing SynBioSS. Check it out!

Team Comparator

Minnesota BSI Team Comparator
University of Minnesota undergraduate students and undergraduate interns of the Bioinformatics Summer Institute are participating.
Left to Right: Ellen Martin, Sarah Hendrickson, Kat Volzing (Graduate Advisor), Bennet Swiniarski, Kristen Lindblad, Jeremiah Riesberg, and Yiannis Kaznessis (Faculty Advisor)


We gratefully acknowledge support from the University of Minnesota Bioinformatics Summer Institute (, the Biotechnology Institute (, the Digital Technology Center (, the UofMinn College of Biological Sciences, the UofMinn Institute of Technology, the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

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