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In Pichia pastoris, alcohol oxidase (AOX) is the first enzyme in the methanol utilization pathway. This enzyme is encoded by the AOXI gene. If exposed to an environment containing both methanol and ethanol, P. pastoris preferentially metabolizes ethanol. The production of the AOX enzyme is subject to the concentration of ethanol. This diauxic metabolism may be utilized as an ethanol sensor. When the AOXI promoter is fused with a gene encoding a fluorescent protein, the activation of the AOXI promoter may be detected by direct observation of fluorescence. Our project is the development of a device containing the AOXI promoter fused with a fluorescent protein gene to create an inexpensive ethanol sensor for a variety of applications. The concentration of ethanol in the environment may be deduced from the time period between exposure of bacteria carrying the device to ethanol and methanol, until the detection of fluorescence.

We're here to save the world.

Who we are


  • Dr. David Westenberg: One of Missouri S&T's finest
  • Dr. Katie Shannon: Another of Missouri S&T's finest


  • Marcus H. Hayer: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Cory Cheatham: Biology and Chemistry Major
  • Patrick VerSteeg: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Barbi Wheelden: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Rachel Klapper: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Daniel Schwent: Biology Major and Bioinformatics Minor
  • Gregory Schmoll: Biology Major and Chemistry Minor
  • Brian Pink: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Michelle Brosnahan: Biology Major
  • Shradha Samuel: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Escherichia coli: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Pichia pastoris: Chemical and Biological Engineering

What we did

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Where we're from

Missouri S&T, Formerly the Missouri School of Mines and the University of Missouri - Rolla is located in South Central Missouri, half way between St. Louis and Springfield, MO.

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