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The Parts Contributed

Number Name Type Description
001 BBa_K120000 Coding hAIDsc-lexA_DBD
002 BBa_K120001 Coding hAIDsc-lexA_DBD
003 BBa_K120002 Coding 1.4 lacS-hAIDsc-lexA_DBD
004 BBa_K120003 Coding 1.4 lacS
005 BBa_K120004 Coding hAIDsc-linker1-lexA_DBD
006 BBa_K120005 Coding hAIDsc-linker4-lexA_DBD
007 BBa_K120006 Coding hAIDsc-linker11-lexA_DBD
008 BBa_K120007 Coding hAIDsc-linker9-lexA_DBD
009 BBa_K120008 Coding hAIDsc-linker8-lexA_DBD
010 BBa_K120009 Regulatory hAIDsc-linker6-lexA_DBD
011 BBa_K120010 Coding Triple_lexO
012 BBa_K120011 Coding Gal4(C77T)-lexO
013 BBa_K120012 Coding Gal4(wt)-lexO
014 BBa_K120013 Coding Gal4(C915G)-lexO
015 BBa_K120014 Coding Gal4(T1719G)-lexO
016 BBa_K120015 Coding Gal4(T1743G)-lexO
017 BBa_K120016 Coding Gal1-His3_marker
018 BBa_K120017 Coding Gal1-lacI-His_marker
019 BBa_K120018 Coding AID-lexA
020 BBa_K120019 Coding linker11-lexA_DBD
021 BBa_K120020 Coding linker9-lexA_DBD
022 BBa_K120021 Coding linker8-lexA_DBD
023 BBa_K120022 Coding linker6-lexA_DBD
024 BBa_K120023 Regulatory lexA_DBD
025 BBa_K120024 Coding hAIDsc


If you choose to include a Parts Submitted to the Registry page, please list your parts here. This is not necessary but it may be a nice list to keep track of.