This is the third year of competition for the Purdue University iGEM Team. For those of you unfamiliar with Purdue, it is a large land-grant school in West Lafayette, IN (halfway between Indianapolis and Chicago...Go Colts!). Purdue is famous for its School of Engineering, so (not surprisingly) our team is 3/4 engineers! We have 4 undergraduate students, a graduate advisor, and two professors. Outside of iGEM, the Purdue team is also affiliated with the Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE). We are extremely excited about this year's project!

Purdue's project this year is creating a biosensor for UV radiation. Essentially, we are combining the SOS pathway promoter with a lacZ gene. This will lead to transcription of lacZ whenever the bacterial DNA undergoes significant damage. By plating these bacteria on X-gal plates, a blue color will be an indicator of intense UV irradiation.

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