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Who we are

Red Hawk Eagles (Advisors):*

  • Cynthia Collins: Professor
  • Sarah Brooks: Professor
  • Tom Kiehl: Grad Student
  • Phillippa Reeder: Grad Student

Red Hawk Chicks (Undergrads):

  • Sarah Tulin: Sophomore
  • Anjan Devaraj: Sophomore
  • Dimitre Simeonov: Senior
  • Anne Sailer: Sophomore
  • James Tyler Poore: Senior
  • Charles Mitchell: Sophomore
  • Kathy Gisin: Sophomore
  • Sarah Whitfield: Senior

"*" Yes - A Red Hawk can also be an eagle.

What we did

(Provide proper attribution for all work)

Who's doing what

Carotenoids Cynthia -Dimitri -Chas -Anne

xylA Sarah B Anjan Sarah Kathy

Promoters (GFP) Pip James Dimitri