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Welcome to Tianjin University

Last year, the innovative design of genetic bio-diode and RS flip-flop successfully brought us back a gold medal from iGEM. And for 2008, we will come around with a synthetic convertible ecosystem and a foolproof self-assembly gene device.


Tianjin University was founded as Peiyang University in 1895 as the first state founded university in China, and In 1951, after restructuring, Peiyang University was renamed Tianjin University, and became one of the largest multidisciplinary engineering universities in China. Now Tianjin University is among the leading research institutes and particularly exceeds its peers in chemical engineering.

Our Project

Foolproof self-assembly system

A genetic self-assembly system was built to reduce the labor and cost involved in gene cloning experiments. Via the mechanism of site-specific recombination and incompatibility of plasmids, our device could make it possible that the recombination of the genes of interest as well as the dilution of the undesired recombinant genes will be automatically performed by the cells, upon introducing the foreign genes.

Synthetic convertible ecosystem

A convertible ecosystem comprised of two strains that could switch between mutualism and competition has been built. The relationship between the two could be regulated by changing culture conditions. By doing this, we explored the possibilities of improving the coexistent ecosystems that function in industries.