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Known Bugs in Clotho

Last updated 10/29/08

You can view the latest Clotho bug spreadsheet here. Notice that the bugs are categorized in the following way:

  • Name of the bug
  • Status of the bug
  • Priority of the bug
  • Developer which owns the bug
  • Misc notes about the bug

Be sure to look at the status of the bug to see if it was present in the release that you are currently using. It is possible that the bug has been fixed in a newer release. The notes field will tell which release versions the bug is in.

Please be sure to differentiate from a bug and a desired feature. A bug is something that causes incorrect performance. A feature would change the performance to something that someone may feel is more desirable. If you want to request a new feature please go here.

If you find a bug that does not exist in this sheet please send the following information to clothobugs AT googlegroups DOT com.

  • Subject: Clotho Bug Found - <short description>
  • Body of the message:
    • Your name
    • Preferred method of contact
    • Short description of the bug
    • Date you found the bug
    • Method to replicate the bug
    • Your desired resolution (e.g. what should happen instead of the bug). Don't assume the fix is obvious.

Once we validate the bug, we will post it to the spreadsheet and reply to you confirming that we received your submission. We hope to get to all bugs reported but keep in mind it my take some time to resolve and certain bugs are lower priority as compared to others. Plus even when we fix a bug it will not be available until the next release. However we may be able to give you an updated version depending on the severity of the bug.