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July 17, 2008: Testing Sessions (with pictures!)

Alright. So testing is over. And now we are preparing for our Alpha release, perhaps also fated to be a crazy rush for me. Here are the pics from our testing sessions! Obviously, I'm not present in any of them. Who else would be behind the viewfinder? :)

Test Session 1

Doug and Anne waiting for the session to begin. We're all pretty excited it seems. :)
Matt, Doug, and Anne starting up Clotho on Matt's system. I believe this was about when we realized business was about to begin. Hence the game faces. Anne looks as flattering as ever, I'm sure.
Matt helping out Dirk, one of the members from the iGEM 2008 Cal Wetlab Team. Go check them out if you haven't already!
Doug helping out Cici, another member from the iGEM 2008 Cal Wetlab Team.
Here we are, with advisors Doug Densmore and Chris Anderson, getting everyone's final remarks about Clotho and collaborating on our next steps.

Test Session 2

The lack of images in test session 2 were probably due to me being useful most of the time. I wasn't able to get my camera out until near the end of this session. Hope this doesn't bum out anyone!

Doug recording some of the bugs as testers from wetlab threw them out.