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Hammad's Lab Book

I have learned to use few softwares which include Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, Adobe Phtoshop and above all I have learned how to make a web page using HTML. Though I have not practised much here. The figure below shows Ecoli moving the pistons as a result of which the outer wheel rotates. Just a crazy idea.

Only first frame is shown in figure as html does not support animated gif images.

I did work on Modelling part. My basic idea was to use logic gates to represent our system. After a while I also started to work on Probability method. As we can not be certain of things, it is a good idea to represent things in probabilistic way.


The idea behind using logic gates was that if we can represent our whole pathway it would then be easily implemented using Verilog HDL. The chip can then be produced.

Probabilistic Way

This method is currently in discussion with Prof. Visakan. The whole theory and results will be shown after successfull discussion.