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What we did

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2008 UW iGEMmers

Graduate and post-grad Advisors:

  • Ingrid Swanson Microbiology
  • Sean Sleight, PhD BioE
  • Josh Bishop EE
  • Deepak Chandran BioE
  • Rob Egbert EE
  • Brandi House EE
  • Kevin Schutz Genome Science
  • Carlos Araya Genome Science


  • Stan Fields, Professor Genome Science and Medicine
  • Eric Klavins, Assistant Professor EE
  • Herbert Sauro, Associate Professor BioE

Undergrad iGEMmers:

Thanks to our funding sources and spaces:

- University of Washington - Department of Microbiology, UW
- Department of Electrical Engineering, UW
- Department of Computer Science and Engineering, UW
- Department of Bioengineering, UW
- National Science Foundation
- Microbiology Teaching Lab, UW

Back row, left to right: Param, Jeff, Alec, Bryan, Tyler Front: Faifan, Scott
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Faifan gp serious.jpg