Our equipment

Valencia lab1.jpg

Calorimetes, data logger and computer

Valencia lab2.jpg

SP medium having a relaxing bath

Valencia lab7.jpg

Our state-of-the-art heating system

Valencia lab8.jpg

Meri and the shaking stove

Valencia lab9.jpg

Our four strains posing in their plates

Valencia lab10.jpg

The 28ÂșC stove

Valencia lab11.jpg

Saccaromyces growing in its plate

Valencia lab12.jpg

Saccaromyces under the microscope

Valencia lab13.jpg

Our brand new laminar flow cabinet

Our team members working hard...or not

Valencia jaufomar1.jpg

Jaume working!

Valencia lab5.jpg

Good morning Joaquina!

Valencia lab4.jpg

Ximo drawing Jaume least that's what Jaume says

Valencia lab15.jpg

The camera loves Meri...

Valencia lab3.jpg

...and Meri loves Ximo

Valencia lab.jpg

Ximo and Jaume very "interested" in the wiki

Valencia lab17.jpg

Rock n' roll

Valencia lab18.jpg

Jaume finds the experiment fascinating

Valencia lab6.jpg

Meri cooking SP medium

Valencia lab14.jpg

Our lab robot

Valencia lab20.jpg


Valencia lab19.jpg

Ximo about to go on his spacecraft

Meri dancing with our lab robot!