Chase Beisel


phone: 626-395-2680

mail: MC 210-41 Pasadena, CA 91125

I am currently a chemical engineering graduate student in Christina Smolke's group at Caltech.

During my undergraduate days of old, I attended Iowa State University and worked in the labs of Peter Reilly and Jacqueline Shanks. I was also an active member of the Iowa State Drumline.

Research Interests

Organisms have found truly exceptional ways to translate a set of basic biomolecules into robust, interacting networks of finely-tuned components. I am interested in studying the available design space of biomolecules in a cellular environment by engineering devices at the molecular scale to produce defined phenotypic responses. Currently, I am exploring the combination of substrates of RNA interference and RNA aptamers to generate molecules that can survey the cellular environment and regulate gene expression accordingly. In the future, I hope to incorporate these molecules into endogenous genetic networks and explore their effectiveness.