My name is Joaquina. I'm a Biotechnology student in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Everyone in my team seems to find it important to say where they were born, so my hometown is León, in the Northwest of Spain.

I still haven't made up my mind about what I want to do with my life, but I like subjects related to biochemistry and molecular biology, in other words, small things and not whole living beings; and above all, not plants! I also find interdisciplinary work really interesting and that's why I got involved in this project.

Outside academic world, I love rhythmic gymnastics, sport that I have been practicing since I was 5. I also would like to travel and get to know lots of countries and cultures (I know is typical...). And of course, listening to music, reading, movies and that stuff.

By the way, I'm in charge of the wiki, although I haven't done this before.

You can contact me at: madelvi at etsia dot upv dot es

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