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First Approach

As a first modeling, we have considered a set of five ordinary differential equations that are likely to represent the generic behaviour of the biological processes. The corresponding results and the associated code can be found there :

We will precise this description in the following part, entering into the details of the chemical reactions involved.

Moreover, once the oscillations have been obtained, it is interesting to focus on their robustness. To do such an analysis, we have used a rather intuitive algorithm which divides the parameter space into regular areas and compute a kind of 'score function' to test whether oscillations are observed. Then, for 2 parameters, a simple visualization is possible.

Therefore, the two aspects to describe a bit more are the following ones :

  • There is a second score function, much simplier but quite efficient.
  • We tried this one in association with a self made genetic algorithm, that allows us to find many convenient sets of parameters, in order to compare them.