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Who we are


  • Dr. Rickus: She Rocks!
  • Dr. Clase: The one who really knows stuff.
  • David Jaroch: The idea guy.
  • Jennifer Jacobi: Resident Biochemist.


  • Craig Barcus: The man in charge.
  • Janie Stine: The bookworm.
  • Jessamine Osborne: The Bio-Brainiac.
  • Erin Rosswurm: Our off-campus bookie.

What we did

  • Literature and background research: Janie, Craig, and Erin
  • Modeling: Craig
  • Labwork: Jessamine and Janie
  • Wiki: Janie
  • Troubleshooting/Matlab: Erin

Where we're from

This is our home base: The Bindley Bioscience Center.


Bindley is part of Discovery Park at Purdue, the "home to Purdue's interdisciplinary research programs. It is a place where scientists and students dare to take on society's 'grand challenges'; where the vision of today is transformed into the reality of tomorrow." -Al Rebar, Director of Discovery Park

Pretty nifty, eh?

Outside Purdue, we all pretty much live in Indiana. Yay, corn!


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