Alberta NINT/24 June 2008


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lab work (SD):

            Transformation results: 2 colonies on K102008 plate and 2 colonies on K102008 negative control plate
            Redid ligation of K102002/B+N with TA0/B+N (1/100) and transformation into XL1-B cells.
            Made overnights of the colonies from 23/06/08 transformation.
            Made glycerol stock of K102002.

lab work (JD):

             Digested K102003 with BamHI and NcoI and incubated for 2 hrs at 37C
             Ran gel slowly on 2% agarose
             Cut out desired fragment and gel purified
             Counted and recorded colonies from yesterdays ligation:
                             Negative        200
                             K102007         200
              From results it seems ligation didn't work.
              Quantified K102003/B+N.