Alberta NINT/26 June 2008


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lab work (SD):

            Isolated DNA (K102008 ver 2) from 25/06/08 overnights.
            Set up K102008 ver 2 for sequencing.
            Digested K102008 ver 2 with EcoRI + PstI and ran on 2% agarose gel at 110V for 50 min.
            Excised fragments of K102008 ver 2 from the gel.
            Extracted DNA from the gel.
            Quantified K102002, K102008 and pSB4A5 from gel purified samples.
            NINT SD 56.jpg

lab work (JD):

           Counted and Recorded colonies on plates from yesterday
                      K102007(1)         120
                      Negative               200
                      K102007(2)         16
                      Negative                 1
                      K102006                5
                      Negative                 0
             Obvious that K102007(1) didn't work but others seem like they might have :D
             Created 8 O/Ns of K102007(2)
             Created 5 O/Ns of K102006