Alberta NINT/6 June 2008


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lab work (JD):

             Not too many colonies found on K102003 and K102005 plates today so carried out ligation again but
             increased the volume of plasmid and inserts in my ligation mixes.                         
             Transformed bacteria again with K102003 and K102005 and plated the cells.  
             Left plates from yesterday in the incubator for the weekend.

lab work (SD):

             Isolated DNA from LB + amp50 culture tubes (05/06/08) using QIAprep standard miniprep protocol.
             Set up DNA for sequencing.

Transformed XL1-B cells with K102008 and K102008 negative control from 05/06/08 ligation.

lab work (WM):

                              2034                       2035                 2036            neg ctl
                              ----                       ----                 ----            -------
          #transformants:      29                         28                   14                1

Setup 3 O/Ns from 2034, 2035 and 8 O/Ns from 2036