Alberta NINT/9 June 2008


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lab work (SD):

            K102008 and K102008 negative control plates again had >100 colonies each.  
            Verified sequencing for K102002.
            Digested K102002 with BamHI, with NcoI, and with BamHI+NcoI to test the digestion.
            Ran DNA from digest on 2% agarose gel.
            Gel reveals that digest of K102002 with BamHI formed two fragments.  Conclusion: K102002 contains
            two BamHI restriction sites.  A closer examination of the sequences indicates BBa_E0433 (LacZ alpha)
            contains a BamHI restriction site.  A new version of LacZ alpha is required.

BBa_I732018 is LacZ alpha but lacks the BamHI restriction site. The DNA for this part is isolated from the iGEM BioBricks parts registry book according to the standard procedure.

NINT SD p32.jpg

lab work (JD):

            Wayne created O/N colonies of K102003 and K102005, 8 from each
            Mini-prep of all colonies
            Digest K102001/K102003/K102005 with EcoRI and PstI
            Ran a gel

lab work (WM):

           Performed minipreps on K102034, 2035, 2036 O/Ns
           Sequenced with VR
            K102001 = 2116+180
            K102003 = 2116+733
            K102005 = 2116 + 362