Brown: Team Resistance/15 July 2008


Toxipop lab notebook.png

Taking resistance readings of LB with set-up

  • V(input) saturating @4.99 with the 9.91kΩ
  • Try with 1MΩ resistor (0.992MΩ)→ still saturating
  • Try with 1kΩ→ still saturating
  • Try with 470Ω (464.4Ω) resistor with LB→ works!

LB resistance: 14.00kΩ

Made dilution of pVJ4 to test as a control

Lysis resistance test

  • Added 0.01g arabinose to a pVJ4 culture
  • Put 5mL culture into 1 well of 6-well plate
  • Placed electrodes into solution and began running program
  • Kept program running for 2-3hrs (lysis should occur in that time) to see if resistance changes

Began running test pVJ4+arabinose @12:10pm→ @3:15pm there was no change in resistance

Possible that the cells that lyse in 5mL of an unconcentrated solution don’t release enough ions to cause a detectable change in resistance


  • Try concentrating cells and running the same test

Test tomorrow: 5mL, 5x concentrated culture with 0.2% x5g arabinose and see if change occurs

  • Miniprep pVJ4 and run PCR