Brown: Team Resistance/18 June 2008


Toxipop lab notebook.png

18 June 2008

  • Much of the past two weeks have been spent of apparatus set-up. Meeting with engineering professor, Tay Has Palmore, one of the students in her lab, Daniel Ludwig, and Professor Carlos Aizenman-Stern have provided a wealth of information regarding circuit design and efficient methods for taking resistance measurements.
  • We will be purchasing a Data Acquisition Card very soon that will be more sensitive than the voltmeter we have been using thus far. We also intend to use gold wire instead of the copper wire we have used in the past couple of experiments to prevent oxidation or reduction of the wires.
  • Two 2 mL cultures and one 5 mL cultures of pVJ7 were made at 5:00PM for experimentation on June 19.