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Baby Steps

  1. Sign up for Lab Safety & Bio Safety classes, submit certification to Jamie Allison
  2. Time Management: Learn how to manage your time efficiently (and not waste others) from this lecture; skills that you can use for the rest of your career.
  3. Initial Reading
    1. Read Biobrick Technical Manual, don't worry about understanding every last bit of technical details.
    2. Wiki By Example: Look at Harvard iGEM 2006 team lab notebook, get an idea with what they do in the lab on a daily basis. They worked with cyanobacteria as well, but did not transforming it. They ended up extracting genes from cyano- and transformed E. coli.
  4. Brainstorm
    1. Brainstorm and get some ideas what you would like to do for project part-B. Look at previous iGEM team pages/presentations for ideas.
  5. Bonus Videos: Understanding why we are even in this BioBricks competition!
    1. Drew Endy: Defining Synthetic Biology 5 minute 1 second
    2. Drew Endy: Believe in Synthetic Biology 1 minute 42 seconds
    3. Drew Endy: What is a Standard Biological Part 2 minute 31 seconds

Lab Map

  • Incubators for Culturing
    • Precision 818 [Gel/Incubator Room]
    • Rexmed Temperature Gradient [Central Lab]
    • 37C (Fisher Isotemp Incubator) [Gel/Incubator Room]
  • Fridge & Freezers for Media/Sample Storage
    • 26C (Precision 818 Top Shelf)
    • 4C Common [Main Hallway]
    • 4C iGEM [Central Lab]
    • -20C Common [Central Lab]
    • -20C iGEM [Central Lab]
    • -80C [Main Hallway]
  • Rooms
    • Media Room
    • Gel/Incubator Room
    • Conference/Computer Room
    • Stock Room
    • Main Hallway
    • Central Lab