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Safety Certifications

Lab Safety Bio Safety Hazardous Materials Autoclave Safety Training (St. John, 3rd Floor)
Norman Wang 6/28/2007 6/14/07

12/13/07 (refresher)

5/23/08 YES
Adam Baker YES
Grace Kwan 4/18/08 6/16/08 (optional) YES
Margaret Ruzicka 09/14/07 5/20/08 5/23/08 YES
Krystle Salazar 5/23/08 6/16/08 (optional) YES

❋ dates class have/will be taken and certificate obtained

Experimental Safety

For iGEM 2008, our facility meets BSL2 requirements

St. John 515
Lab Biosafety Level BSL2
Facility Inspection Date: March 2008
Faculty Training Date: March 2008

Recombinant activities, importation/exportation have been approved by IBC Institutional Biosafety Committee via approved BSP-1: Biological Use Authroization and Registration (for recombinant DNA, microorganisms, cell cultures/lines, animal and plant tissues, & human samples) under IBC Number 143A0308G. Biosafety Registration 143A0308G

‡ this page will no longer be updated after iGEM 2008 competition jamboree, November 2008.