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Photo Gallery- Open Day Impressions

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Here we have some impressions of our Open Day. It was really a big succes - for us as well as for the pupils. You can see they had a lot of fun and they also learned a lot they assured us :) So we are sure we succeeded in enthusing again some people for synthetic biology!

seminar room prepared for the open day visitors; of course we wanted them to feel comfortable
interested: the pupils (and teachers) followed the presentation at the beginning of the open day
complicate: finding the right setting of the gilson pipet
don't they look nice :)
Enthousiastic: Explaining the different steps of the Miniprep...
...then following up the protocol and isolating a GFP-plasmid...
..and at least visualizing the Plasmid-DNA on a gel...
...jea, that's fun!!!
they did their jobs good, cautionly and with much exaltation
into the waste... bacteria smell so well :)
Wow, that's cool!
"look here- that's you"
Lyses Blue - Juhuuu!
Microscopy of stained cells out of the mouth
fascinated by the introcution in plasmid preparation
Pipet training at the beginning of the lab parcours

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