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Monday, 08/11/2008

  • preparation of LuxS harboring cells O/N culture

Tuesday, 08/12/2008

  • Miniprep of correctly sequenced LuxS and Glycerol-stock
  • LuxQ no. 3 checked via digestion with NcoI/BamHI (NEBuffer 3 + BSA) --> negative result
  • PCR for LuxQ, LuxQ-1, LuxQ-2, Tar-1, Tar-2 with Taq Mastermix
    • 5min @ 95°C || 30s @ 95°C | 30s @ 58 °C | 2min @ 72°C || 10min @ 72°C | 4°C hold (30 cycles)
  • preparation of O/N culture for LuxQ no. 3

Wednesday, 08/13/2008

  • PCR-purification of the all PCR-products eluted in 50 µl H2O
  • Miniprep of LuxQ no. 3 O/N culture and digestion with xbaI (NEBuffer 2 + BSA)
  • Fusion-PCR for Fusion-1 and repetition of PCR for LuxQ-2 and LuxQ
  • digestion of pDK48 plasmid and Fusion-1 frament with NcoI/NdeI (0.5 µl) and AgeI (1 µl) in NEBuffer 4
Fusion-PCR for Fusion-1, LuxQ PCR, LuxQ-2 PCR, pDK48 miniprep and xbaI digestion of LuxQ no. 3
Digestion of Fusion-1 and pDK48 with NcoI/NdeI/AgeI

Thursday, 08/14/2008

PCR for LuxQ and LuxQ-2
  • Gel for LuxQ, LuxQ2
  • sequentiell digestion of Fusion-1 with NcoI and NdeI (NEBuffer 3)
  • Double digestion of pDK48 with NcoI/NdeI (NEBuffer 4)

Friday, 08/15/2008

  • digestion of Fusion-1 with AgeI in NEBuffer 1
  • gel extraction of sequentially digested Fusion-1 and pDK48 products
  • new digestion of Fusion-1 with NcoI/NdeI (NEBuffer 4) and gel extraction, because previous digestion did not yield expected bands (there should be two small bands at 516bp and 392bp)
Gelextraction of digested Fusion-1 and purified PCR product as well as pDK48 digested. Expected bands at 516bp and 392bp are not visible.
Fusion-1 digested with NcoI/NdeI. Expected bands of 1025bp and 908bp had to be cut out together. Wanted band is the longer one.

  • Ligation of 5 µl Fusion-1 with 5 µl pDK48 (both digested with NcoI/NdeI )
  • Transformation into DH5α (5 µl Ligation products)

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