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We hope that this text has given the reader a kind of basis to build on in further reflection on synthetic biology in general. There is, as you might have noticed, a lot to talk about. Some issues are old ones, or just modifications and/or elaborations of older problems. Other, however, are very new or rephrased in a very new way such that there is no longer a means of easy reflection.

We also hope that we have made the reader think about the possibility of using living bacteria as an in vivo drug production device. There are problems concerning human practice and ethics that are not that easy as they seem. This text is meant to give merely a way of thinking about it. Even more, we tried to apply it to Dr. Coli, our own bacterial drug delivery system.

As a final remark, this text does not have the pretention to be complete. We hope others will use and adapt it, or just think about it. That would be great already.