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All the useful templates are collected here, each one has a link to the template page and offers some information on the usage of the template. For convenience a clip button is offered to directly copy corresponding code to the clipboard (works only in IE, Firefox does not allow direct access to the clipboard!).


Navigation Bar

The navigation bar used throughout the wiki. The template contains all the CSS and Javascript code inline. The structure itself is given at the bottom and can be modified as desired.
In general one submenu in the bar is coded as (in this example the Project Section):

Important: change the 'm4' to the appropriate value, e.g. if there are already 7 submenu's present it should be 'm8'.

If the submenu contains no entries (single link, no dropdown behaviour, e.g. Home, Modeling) you can make use of the "nomenu" class, this way the menu item does not change color in hover mode (mouse located on the menu item). Simply add class="nomenu" between a and href.

The code of the old navigation bar (no dropdown):

New Day

The day template that is preloaded into a notebook day. The result can be seen in the [[Team:KULeuven/Notebook |Notebook]] section, when you click on an unmodified day, you'll get the edit screen, prefilled with the contents of the New_Day template. To create a calendar using this template use the code:

The template adds a date retriever, displaying links such as yesterday, tomorrow, ..., to ease the navigation for the user. The javascript is found here.

Lab Templates

All lab templates below are heavily inspired by the iGEM Paris 2007 team, and were merely reconstructed by the KULeuven iGEM team. We owe great thanks to them.

PCR sheet

Example (result below)

PCR Settings
Annealing (°C)
Time Elongation
Number of Cycles
Buffer (5x) 5x 10μL
MgCl2 10 µM 10μM 0μL
dNTP 10 µM 10μM 1μL
Oligo F 10 µM 6 LacZ-Fw 10μM 2.5μL
Oligo R 10 µM 7 LacZ-Rv 10μM 2.5μL
Water 34μL
Polymerase Taq 0.5μL
DNA 0.5μL of E. coli DNA extract
Expected Size
Image (click to enlarge)
Lane (0=ladder)

Digestion sheet

Example (result below)

Digestion Products
Number Product Name Matrix Name Enzyme 1 Enzyme 2 Size Description
D12 Cre ORF pJ61047 XbaI PstI 1063bp Cre ORF extracted for further usage

Ligation sheet

Example (result below)

Number Insert Insert Volume (µL) Vector Vector Volume (µL) Comments Number of colonies
L21 D12 Cre ORF 6µL D1 pJ23100 2µL construction of BioBrick: Cre-recombinase under control of strong promotor 30

96-Well Plate

The 96 wells sheet extends from 1-12 horizontally, and from A-H vertically, not all squares have been given in the code above, but are easily added.
Example (result below)

96-Well Plate: Induced Response
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
A LB + 0µM IPTGLB + 0µM IPTGLB + 5µM IPTG LB + 5µM IPTGLB + 10µM IPTGLB + 10µM IPTG etc// ///
B LB 2 + 0µM IPTG// /// /// ///
C LB 3 + 0µM IPTG// /// /// ///
D LB 4 + 0µM IPTG// /// /// ///
E LB 5 + 0µM IPTG// /// /// ///
F etc// /// /// ///
G /// /// /// ///
H /// /// /// ///

Collection Templates

Primer Collection

To start the primer collection page, copy following code into the edit screen:
Where you see the dots the template codelines will be added to. The dots will be replaced by the primer templates sequentially:
{{:Team:KULeuven/Tools/Oligo ...}}
{{:Team:KULeuven/Tools/Oligo ...}}
Example (result below)

Table of Oligos
Number Name Sequence Tm (°C) Length Comments
{{{nr}}} {{{name}}} {{{sequence}}} {{{length}}} {{{Tm}}} {{{comments}}}
{{{nr}}} {{{name}}} {{{sequence}}} {{{length}}} {{{Tm}}} {{{comments}}}


All the information to start the Freezer page and making use of the Freezer templates is on the Freezer Tools page.


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