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Dear sponsor,

By supporting McGill's 2008 iGEM competition team, you will make it possible for a group of motivated undergraduates to participate in a life changing experience. The International Genetically Engineered Machine competition is an international gathering of teams from over 80 participating schools where summer projects in synthetic biology are judged by a panel of specialists from academia and industry. Your company will be guaranteed exposure at this international even (termed, the "Jamboree") which is held at M.I.T.'s Stata Center in November 2008. The Jamboree will showcase the scientific achievements of universities and institutes from all around the world, with hundreds of students, academics, journalists as well as the general public in attendance. Our sponsors will be acknowledged during our presentation, which will be viewed by a large audience at the Jamboree, and which will also available on the internet for the general public for years to come. Your logo will also be displayed on this website, on our poster, on team T-shirts and in events such as the McGill Undergraduate Research Conference, the McGill information sessions for undergraduate research and during our annual recruitment drive.

Your kind donations will go towards:

  • the purchase of scientific equipment and supplies
  • transport to and from Boston, and accommodation
  • team t-shirts
  • registration at the competition

Donations to the McGill iGEM team are done via McGill University, and hence are considered a charitable gift. McGill's Business Number is 11912 8981 RR0001

Please read our sponsorship brochure by clicking on the link below to learn more about how you can contribute..

photos: Mackenzie L. Cowell (Creative Commons)
photos: Mackenzie L. Cowell (Creative Commons)
photos: Mackenzie L. Cowell (Creative Commons)
photos: Mackenzie L. Cowell (Creative Commons)
photos: Mackenzie L. Cowell (Creative Commons)

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