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  • ' denotes that the construct contains the ribosome binding site (RBS) and the coding region for that gene.
  • ' ' denotes that the construct contains the ribosome binding site, coding region for that gene, and a transcriptional terminator.

Part Name BioBrick Part Number Constructs Description
PrecA BBa_K093000 icon_regulatory.png PrecA with LexA binding site
T7 Gene 6 BBa_K093001 icon_coding.png T7 Gene 6 exonuclease
PmeI BBa_K093002 icon_coding.png PmeI endonuclease
rTT+POCI BBa_K093003 RTTPOCI.PNG Convergent Promoter System: forward module: rTT+lambda pR
rPlac+TT BBa_K093004 RPlacTT.PNG Convergent Promoter System: reverse module: rPlac+TT
rfp' BBa_K093005 RfpR.PNG RFP with RBS
C0051' BBa_K093006 C0051R.PNG cI repressor with RBS
C0052' BBa_K093007 C0052R.PNG C0052 + RBS
rPlac BBa_K093008 icon_regulatory.png reverse BBa_R0011
PrecA rfp BBa_K093009 PrecA rfp.PNG PrecA-RFP
POCI rfp BBa_K093010 POCI rfp.PNG lambda pR-RFP generator
rTT BBa_K093011 icon_terminator.png reverse B0015
Pconst rfp BBa_K093012 Prfp.PNG Strong constitutive promoter - RFP
PmeI' BBa_K093013 PmeIR.PNG PmeI endonuclease with RBS