Team Wisconsin is a diverse team consisting of upper and lower class undergraduates who are working together to do something seriously cool: renewable biofuels. With backgrounds varying from Mechanical Engineering to Biochemistry, our varied team is exploring new ways to solve old problems using synthetic biology.

We also (generally) love late night romantic trips to movies, long walks, scheming up ways to become wealthy, discussing interesting social interactions, knitting, and having fun... Obviously.

Meet the Wisconsin Team

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Andrew Andrew Braasch ... Undergraduate - Molecular biology

Charlie Charlie Burns ... Undergraduate - Biochemistry

Ben Ben Cox ... Undergraduate - Math & Engineering

Mattias Mattias Gyllborg ... Undergrarduate - Med Micro & Immunology

Jack Jack Ho ... Undergraduate - Biomedical engineering

Yash Yash Jhala ... Undergraduate - Genetics

Jia Jia Luo ... Undergraduate - Biochemistry

Sean Sean McMaster ... Undergraduate - Math & Biochemistry

Tanner Tanner Peelen ... Undergraduate - Biochemistry

Peter Peter Vander Velden ... Undergraduate - Undeclared

Joseph Joseph Yuen ... Undergraduate - Biomedical engineering

Meet our Advisors

Aseem Z. Ansari - Professor in Biochemistry

Franco Cerrina - Professor in Engineering

Brian F. Pfleger - Professor in Engineering

Jennifer L. Reed - Professor in Engineering

Michael Sussman - Professor in Genetics

Douglas B. Weibel - Professor in Biochemistry

Basudeb Bhattacharyya - Graduate Student in Biochemistry

Where We Are From


Team Photo


From left to right starting at top row:
Basudeb, Professor Weibel
Professor Pfleger, Andy, Sean
Tanner, Peter, Charlie
Ben, Yash, Mattias

Joe, Jia, and Jack