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Lab Work

Wet Lab

We had a very happy day in the lab today and this is what we did:

But the most exciting thing today, were our flourescent colonies! We constructed two OUTPUT-subsystems containing GFP with and without LVA tag, as can be seen in this picture. On the left side GFP with LVA tag (our part K145015): less fluorescent. On the right side GFP without LVA tag (part E0240): more fluorescent. This means that our output and GFP-LVA work - hurrah!


Final Schemes so far:

5sept final.PNG
5sept parallel.PNG

Dry Lab

Dr. Coli and his danger, ethics, ethics, ethics...


SimBiology2Latex Toolbox has been finalized and can be found on the wiki.

MultiCell Toolbox has entered it's final design stages. A preview of the GUI can be found on the wiki.

Some more work on diffusion has been done. Sensitivity Analyses is still a pain in the ***.


Homepage has been revamped, removing a lot of bugs. IE fixes still need to follow. Components bar has been fixed.