MIGRATION: Note to Cambridge iGEMers

We are manually transferring all wiki text and images from OWW to this page. Please check the email you were sent for your particular subsection. Please transfer images as well as text. Transferring images requires downloading them to your computer and re-uploading them to this website.

Once all the data is here, we will begin formatting everything properly with CSS and HTML. Here are temporary links to the subsections:

Kath (28/10 16:55)

  • I'm saving the html scripts I've changed in case anyone needs them back! Templates 08 and 08a Done. Protocols page done.
  • Please note UK spelling! So double L for signalling and Modelling pages please! Please ammend your own links if you've got it wrong.
  • Noticed that the two titles by the end of the B.subtilis transformation protocol page have no content. What's that? Perhaps an answer from Ian? Dan? Marie?

---To be deleted after completion of moving stuff into Wiki End!---