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Testing different volumes of AHL

Our previous experiments were inconclusive because we believed that we possibly swamped our Bacillus with excess amounts of AHL so that no appreciable degradation was seen. In this experiment we tested and compared different concentrations of AHL.

Fluorescence with 1 uM AHL

  • Without Bacillus: 2457
  • With Bacillus: 2497

Fluorescence with 10nM AHL

  • Without Bacillus: 1424
  • With Bacillus: 1318

Fluorescence with 1nM AHL

  • not enough for good readings

Images of 1uM AHL plates with accompanying plot profiles

The graphs demonstrate fluorescence change across the plate from left to right.

AHL without Bacillus

Plot profile of AHL without Bacillus

AHL with Bacillus

Plot profile of AHL with Bacillus