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Conclusions Color

After a great summer of hard work, we've learned quite a few things. The most important about the color pathway are listed below.

Color Pathway - Wetlab

It proved to be too much work to PCR 8 genes out of Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae in addition to making the temperature sensitive input system work (with only 2 wetlab guys). It was a good choice to split the project into two paths, as advised at the teachers workshop in Paris, as this allowed us to choose for the most promising path, should one of them not work out as expected. When it became obvious the actual color producing genes we aimed to get from the registry were of low quality (bad sequencing or did not grow at all) we gave priority to the temperature sensitive input system. In the end we did make some progress towards constructing our envisioned color pathway by PCR-ing three of the genes out of E. coli, which have been sent to the registry and to a sequencing company.