RNA switches

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RNA thermometers

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  • A general text on using micro-organisms for flavor production [1]
  • The references page on the edinburgh 2007 wiki, several references on color and flavor are present [2]

Two papers on Geosmin biosynthesis (an earthy odorant):

  • Biosynthesis of the earthy odorant geosmin by a bifunctional Streptomyces coelicolor enzyme, Jiang et al.[3]
  • A Novel Type of Geosmin Biosynthesis in Myxobacteria, Dickschat et al. [4]

Papers on plant volatile production:

  • Biosynthesis of Plant Volatiles: Nature’s Diversity and Ingenuity, Pichersky et al. [5]
  • Biosynthesis of plant-derived flavor compounds, Schwab et al. [6]
  • Rose Scent [7]
  • Stable-light producing E. coli [8]
  • Identification of genes for bacterial bioluminescence [9]
  • Group in Leiden working with the Soil Bacterium Streptomyces [10]